The salary of the persons employed by the board on the instructional staff shall be not less than those prescribed in the schedules approved in an agreement entered into after collective negotiations. Where a title is not covered by any collective negotiation agreement, but is payable from the city expense budget for the City University of New York, the schedule shall be as approved by the board and consented to by the city office of labor relations and the city office of management and budget. All salaries shall be subject to the following conditions

a. The annual increments for all positions on the instructional staff shall be added on January first of each succeeding year following completion of at least ten full months of service, except that in the higher education officer series, the annual increments shall be added on January first or July first of each succeeding year following at least eleven months of service

b. In schedules where annual increments are specified, the board nevertheless reserves the right to assign fixed salaries to appointees in special cases, to vote larger increments in special cases, when in its judgment the nature of the duties or the character of the services renders such action just, or to withhold annual increments from any members of the staff whose services for any year are unsatisfactory

c. In schedules where no annual increments are specified, the specific salary of an incumbent shall be fixed at the minimum rate, or the maximum rate, or between, by resolution of the board, action being taken with due consideration for the duties to be discharged, prevailing rates of compensation for one discharging such duties, and the qualifications, training and experience of the incumbent


Whenever any compensation, in addition to the regular annual salary, is authorized to be paid to a member of any college, university, or board staff from enterprises in any way connected with the college or university, such compensation shall not be paid or accepted unless reported to and specifically authorized by the chancellor, except for compensation being paid to the chancellor, which must be specifically authorized by the board


The compensation of temporary and other employees not on the instructional staff shall be fixed at such salaries as the board may determine except that with respect to positions for which salary schedules have heretofore been established by the board, such salaries shall be in accordance with such salary schedules as the board may establish with the approval of the mayor, or in accordance with such salary allocations as are appropriate under the career and salary plan. The board may make appointments to any position on a part-time basis with corresponding fractional salary or compensation except where prohibited by existing collective bargaining agreements