a. Members of the instructional staff who are absent because of temporary disability for more than five consecutive working days may be required to submit a medical certificate from their personal physician upon their return to work

Where any absence because of temporary disability exceeds thirty consecutive working days, the absentee shall present a statement from his/her physician explaining the nature or his/her temporary disability and certifying that he/she is fully capable of returning to work. In the case of any such absence the college may also require an examination by a physician in its employ, or appointed by it, who shall be required to certify that the absentee is fully capable of returning to work. In cases where there is a conflict of opinion, a third physician, acceptable to the absentee and to the president of the college, shall be called in and his/her judgment shall be accepted as conclusive. In the event that it is found that the condition of such person is such that he/she is incapable of resuming his/her normal duties, such person shall apply for such additional period of leave of absence as may be necessary. Failure to make such application for an additional period of leave of absence shall be deemed neglect of duty

b. Leaves of absence without pay for temporary disability for periods of less than one year may be recommended by the board to the appropriate retirement system for credit as service for retirement. Increments may be recommended by the board for the period during which an employee is on leave of absence without pay for temporary disability for periods of less than one year


Members of the New York City teachers’ retirement system and members of the permanent instructional staff and lecturers (full-time) with administrative certificates of continuous employment and persons with titles in the higher education officer series who are members of any other retirement system who announce their bona fide intention to retire shall be granted a retirement leave of absence with full pay consisting of one-half of their accumulated unused temporary disability leave up to a maximum of one semester, or the equivalent number of school days. Terms and conditions relating to such retirement leave shall be governed by section 3107 of the state education law


a. Special leaves may be granted to members of the instructional staff for personal emergencies of not more than ten working days may be granted with pay by the president at his/her discretion

b. On the recommendation of the relevant departmental committee concerned with appointments, the relevant college committee and the president, the board may grant to members of the instructional staff special leaves of absence without pay for purposes such as study, writing, research, the carrying out of a creative project or public service of reasonable duration. Where a special leave without pay is for one year or longer, it shall not be credited for purposes of increment, except that increment credit may be granted when the president certifies that the leave is being taken for a project of academic, scholarly or public importance that brings honor and recognition to the college