a. The department chairperson shall be the executive officer of his/her department and shall carry out the department's policies, as well as those of the faculty and the board which are related to it. He/she shall:
1. Be responsible for departmental records.
2. Assign courses to and arrange programs of instructional staff members of the department.
3. Initiate policy and action concerning the recruitment of faculty and other departmental affairs subject to the powers delegated by these bylaws to the staff of the department in regard to educational policy, and to the appropriate departmental committees in the matter of promotions and appointments.
4. Represent the department before the faculty council or faculty senate, the faculty, and the board.
5. Preside at meetings of the department.
6. Be responsible for the work of the department's committee on appointments or the department's committee on personnel and budget which he/she chairs.
7. Prepare the tentative departmental budget, subject to the approval by the department's committee on appointments or the department's committee on personnel and budget.
8. Transmit the tentative departmental budget with his/her own recommendations to the president or the dean or provost as the president may designate.
9. Arrange for careful observation and guidance of the department's instructional staff members.
10. Make a full report to the president and to the college committee on faculty personnel and budget of the action taken by the department committee on personnel and budget or department committee on appointments when recommending an appointee for tenure on the following, as well as any other criteria set forth in university policies:
a. Teaching qualifications and classroom work.
b. Relationship of the appointee with his/her students and colleagues.
c. Appointee's professional and creative work.
11. Hold an annual evaluation conference with every member of the department after observation and prepare a memorandum thereof.
12. Generally supervise and administer the department.
b. Each library, where size makes it practicable, shall constitute an instructional department of the college. The chairperson thereof shall be designated by the president. Such chairperson, in addition to the duties of department chairperson as enumerated in paragraph "a" of this section, shall be charged with the administration of the library facilities of his/her college and shall perform such other duties as the president may assign. Such chairperson is hereby authorized to use the additional title of "chief librarian."
c. Where student personnel services are constituted an instructional department of the college, the dean of students shall be the department chairperson.