The board hereby establishes the following instructional staff titles:
Chancellor emeritus
Executive vice chancellor
Chief operating officer
Senior vice chancellor
Vice chancellor
Associate vice chancellor
University provost
Secretary of the board
University administrator
University associate administrator
University assistant administrator
Dean of the City University School of Law
Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism
Dean of the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
Senior vice president
Vice president
Assistant vice president
Senior university dean
University dean
University associate dean
University assistant dean
Associate dean
Assistant dean
Associate administrator
Assistant administrator
Distinguished professor
University professor
Associate professor
Assistant professor
Einstein professor
Visiting distinguished professor
Clinical Professor
Distinguished lecturer
Distinguished lecturer – medical series
Distinguished lecturer – law school series
Medical professor (basic sciences)
Associate medical professor (basic sciences)
Assistant medical professor (basic sciences)
Medical lecturer
Adjunct medical professor (basic sciences)
Adjunct associate medical professor (basic sciences)
Adjunct assistant medical professor (basic sciences)
Adjunct medical lecturer
Medical professor (clinical)
Associate medical professor (clinical)
Assistant medical professor (clinical)
Adjunct medical professor (clinical)
Adjunct associate medical professor (clinical)
Adjunct assistant medical professor (clinical)
Law school distinguished professor
Law school university professor
Law school non-teaching adjunct
Law school professor
Law school associate professor
Law school assistant professor
Law school instructor
Law school library professor
Law school library associate professor
Law school library assistant professor
Law school adjunct professor
Law school adjunct associate professor
Law school adjunct assistant professor
Law school adjunct instructor
Law school lecturer
Visiting professor
Visiting associate professor
Visiting assistant professor
Adjunct professor
Adjunct associate professor
Adjunct assistant professor
Adjunct lecturer
Adjunct lecturer (doctoral student)
Lecturer (full-time)
Lecturer (part-time)
Visiting lecturer
Instructor (nursing science)
Research associate
Research assistant
Graduate assistant (a-d)
Senior registrar
Associate registrar
Chief college laboratory technician
Adjunct chief college laboratory technician
Senior college laboratory technician
Adjunct senior college laboratory technician
College laboratory technician
Adjunct college laboratory technician
College physician
Higher education officer
Higher education associate
Higher education assistant
Assistant to higher education officer
Continuing education teacher
Non-teaching adjunct (I-V)
Non-teaching adjunct (doctoral student)
Affiliated professional
Professor of Military Science
Affiliated medical professor
Associate affiliated medical professor
Assistant affiliated medical professor
Affiliated medical lecturer
Affiliated medical teacher
and in the Hunter College Elementary School and Hunter College High School
Chairperson of department
Assistant principal
Assistant Teacher
Temporary teacher
Campus schools college laboratory technician
Campus schools senior college laboratory technician
Guidance counselor
Placement director
Education and vocational counselor
Substitute teacher
Occasional per diem substitute teacher
and in the childhood centers
Assistant teacher
And in the educational opportunity centers (EOC)
Educational opportunity center adjunct lecturer
Educational opportunity center adjunct college laboratory technician
Educational opportunity center college laboratory technician
Educational opportunity center higher education officer
Educational opportunity center higher education associate
Educational opportunity center higher education assistant
Educational opportunity center assistant to higher education officer
Educational opportunity center lecturer
*and in the School of Journalism and in the Executive MBA Programs of the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College:
Professional programs adjunct professor
Professional programs adjunct associate professor
Professional programs adjunct assistant professor
Professional programs adjunct lecturer
Professional programs professor (H)
Professional programs associate professor (H)
Professional programs assistant professor (H)
Professional programs lecturer (H)
Professional programs Non-Teaching Adjunct 1
Professional programs Non-Teaching Adjunct 2
Professional programs Non-Teaching Adjunct 3