A. Position Definition:
The chancellor shall be appointed by and report to the board. He/she shall be the chief executive, educational and administrative officer of the city university of New York and the chief educational and administrative officer of the senior and community colleges and other educational units and divisions for which the board acts as trustees. He/she shall be the chief administrative officer for the board and shall implement its policies and be the permanent chairperson of the council of presidents with the right and duty of exercising leadership in the work of the council. The chancellor shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
a. To initiate, plan, develop and implement institutional strategy and policy on all educational and administrative issues affecting the university, including to prepare a comprehensive overall academic plan for the university, subject to the board's approval; and to supervise a staff to conduct research, coordinate data, and make analyses and reports on a university-wide basis.
b. To unify and coordinate college educational planning, operating systems, business and financial procedures and management.
c. As to each educational unit:
1. To oversee and hold accountable campus leadership, including by setting goals and academic and financial performance standards for each campus.
2. To recommend to the board the appointment of the college president and senior campus staff.
3. To recommend directly to the board the underlying academic appointment of any president, with tenure, notwithstanding any other provisions in these Bylaws.
4. Periodically, but no less than every five years, review the performance of each college.
5. Present to the board all important reports, recommendations, and plans submitted by a college president, faculty or governance body with his/her recommendations, if any.
d. To prepare, with the advice of the council of presidents, the operating budget and the capital budget for consideration by the board and presentation to the state and the city.
e. To act as the representative of the university and its colleges with outside agencies and particularly to promote the interest and welfare of the university and its colleges with city, state and federal officials.
f. To promote a positive image of the university and to develop and enhance public and private sources of funding for the university.
g. To attend meetings of the board and its committees and to advise on all matters related to his/her duties and responsibilities.
h. To live in a residence provided for him/her by the board.
i. Nothing in this enumeration shall compromise or detract from the powers and duties of the board of trustees as defined in the state education law.
B. Qualifications:
He/she shall have an outstanding reputation as an educational administrator, executive, and scholar, and such personal qualities as will be conducive to success as a leader of scholars and teachers and as the chief executive officer and public representative of the university.