A. Position Definition:
The president, with respect to his/her educational unit, shall:
a. Have the affirmative responsibility of conserving and enhancing the educational standards and general academic excellence of the college under his/her jurisdiction. Such responsibility shall include but not be limited to the duty to recommend to the chancellor for appointment, promotion, and the granting of tenure only those persons who he/she is reasonably certain will contribute to the improvement of academic excellence at the college. These recommendations shall be consistent with the immediate and long range objectives of the college.
b. Have the power (1) to remove a department chairperson in accordance with section 9.1.c., and (2) to initiate recommendations for appointment in a department to a professorial title in accordance with section 9.5.a.
c. Be an advisor and executive agent of the chancellor and have the immediate supervision with full discretionary power to carry into effect the bylaws, resolutions, and policies of the board, the lawful resolutions of any board committees, and policies, programs, and lawful resolutions of the several faculties and students where appropriate.
d. Exercise general superintendence over the facilities, concerns, officers, employees, and students of his/her college; in consultation with the chancellor, prepare and implement the college master plan, which shall be subject to the approval of the chancellor and the board.
e. Act as chairperson of the faculty, faculty council, and the committee on faculty personnel and budget, or of equivalent bodies as established.
f. Attend meetings of the board and advise the chancellor and the board on all matters related to educational policy and practice.
g. Transmit to the chancellor recommendations of his/her faculty or faculty council on matters of curriculum and other matters falling under faculty jurisdiction.
h. Consult with the appropriate departmental and faculty committees on matters of appointments, reappointments, and promotions; take student evaluations into account in making recommendations thereon; present to the chancellor his/her recommendations thereon; notify the appropriate faculty committees of his/her recommendations to the chancellor.
i. Recommend to the chancellor an annual college budget.
j. Consult with and make recommendations to the chancellor concerning all matters of significant academic, administrative or budgetary consequence affecting the college and/or the university.
k. Present to the chancellor communications from faculties, officers, employees, or students together with any advice or recommendations of his/her own concerning the subject of such recommendations or communications.
l. Between meetings of the board, be authorized in an emergency to fill temporary vacancies in the instructional staff below the rank of professor in accordance with the method of appointment herein provided and to make such administrative arrangements and appointments as cannot well await the action of the board or its appropriate committees.
m. Report annually to the chancellor and the board, on or before December thirty-first, concerning the affairs of his/her college during the preceding academic year.
n. Live in a residence provided for him/her by the board.
o. Have such additional specific duties as the chancellor shall designate.
B. Qualifications:
He/she shall have an outstanding reputation as an educational administrator; personal qualities conducive to success as a leader of scholars and teachers, and as an executive.