a. The college association shall have responsibility for the supervision and review over college student activity fee supported budgets. All budgets of college student activity fees, except where earmarked by the board to be allocated by another body, should be developed by a college association budget committee and recommended to the college association for review by the college association prior to expenditure. The college association shall review all college student activity fee, including student government fee allocations and expenditures for conformance with the expenditure categories defined in Section 16.2. of this article and the college association shall disapprove any allocation or expenditure it finds does not so conform, or is inappropriate, improper, or inequitable.
b. A college association shall be considered approved for purposes of this article if it consists of thirteen (13) members, its governing documents are approved by the college president and the following requirement are met:
1. The governing board of the college association is composed of:
(i) The college president or his/her designee as chair.
(ii) Three administrative members appointed by the college president.
(iii) Three faculty members appointed by the college president from a panel whose size is twice the number of seats to be filled and the panel is elected by the appropriate college faculty governance body.
(iv) Six student members comprised of the student government president(s) and other elected students with the student seats allocated on a basis which will provide representation to each government, where more than one exists, as nearly as practicable in proportion to the student activity fees provided by the students from the respective constituencies.
2. The college association structure provides a budget committee composed of members of the governing board, at least a majority of whom are students selected in accordance with section 16.5.(b) (1)(iv) of these bylaws. The budget committee shall be empowered to receive and review student activity fee budget requests and to develop a budget subject to the review of the college association. The college association may choose to not approve the budget or portions of the budget if in their opinion such items are inappropriate, improper, or inequitable. The budget shall be returned to the budget committee with the specific concerns of the college association noted for further deliberation by the budget committee and subsequent resubmittal to the college association. If the budget is not approved within thirty (30) days those portions of the budget voted upon and approved by the college association board will be allocated. The remainder shall be held until the college association and the budget committee agree.
3. The governing documents of the college association have been reviewed by the board's general counsel and approved by the board.