Manual of General Policy
Policy 1.01 Academic Eligibility for Seek, College Discovery, and City University Supplemental Tuition Assistance
A student shall be deemed "educationally disadvantaged" upon application for admission and is hereby eligible for one of the special opportunity programs, if he or she satisfies any one of the following four criteria (BTM,1981,11-23,006,_A):
a) The student has received a general equivalency diploma. (BTM,1981,11-23,006,_A)
b) The Student has earned a college admission average of less than eighty percent or a rank in class of the sixty-fifth or lower percentile. (BTM,1981,11-23,006,_A)
c) The student has earned a college admission average of eighty percent or above or a rank in class above the sixty-fifth percentile but has received extensive remedial assistance in high school so that, in accordance with procedures to be established by the Chancellor, the student is determined to have need for the full range of support services available to students in the SEEK Program. (BTM,1981,11-23,006,_A)
d) The student is an applicant to a program that the Chancellor has identified as a program with highly competitive admission, but the student lacks a high school sequence in math and science or other specific matter normally required for such program. (BTM,1981,11-23,006,_A)
Subsequent to admission, certain additional students in need of extensive remediation may be identified as educationally disadvantaged in accordance with standards established by the Chancellor. Although not allocated to one of the special opportunity programs, such students will be eligible for participation in the Supplemental Tuition Assistance Program. (BTM,1981,11-23,006,_A)