Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE I ACADEMIC POLICY, PROGRAMS AND RESEARCH > Policy 1.05 Academic Program Planning :
Policy 1.05 Academic Program Planning
The Board of Trustees endorses the continuation and, where needed, initiation or intensification of campus-based planning, program review, and program development activities, and charges the Office of Academic Affairs to assist the colleges in achieving the goals of these processes. The Chancellor shall provide annual reports on the status and outcomes of campus-based planning and undertake additional reviews of academic program areas as appropriate. (BTM,1993,06-28,005,_A)
The Board of Trustees affirms the importance of inter-college collaboration in offering academic programs and calls upon the colleges, using established appropriate governance mechanisms, to pursue such arrangements as are educationally appropriate through such means as jointly designed and offered programs, shared program resources, joint appointments of faculty, college-to-college articulation agreements, and coordinated course schedules. (BTM,1993,06-28,005,_A)
The Board of Trustees urges the faculties of the City University of New York to work together within disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and professional groupings, to identify ways in which each field can be strengthened across the University in areas such as curriculum, program development, faculty hiring and mentoring, and faculty development. (BTM,1993,06-28,005,_A)
Within the context of academic program planning, the Board of Trustees affirms the importance of strong and effective University-wide policies and procedures on articulation to ensuring the maximum transfer of credits for students while maintaining academic standards and academic integrity. (BTM,1993,06-28,005,_A)
The colleges and schools shall regularly review their bulletins and related publications to ensure that all listed programs and courses are actually available to students according to the terms indicated, and that courses are available with reasonable frequency. The colleges and schools shall inform the Chancellor of the results of these reviews. (BTM,1993,06-28,005,_A)
The Chancellor shall coordinate the academic program and budget planning and implementation processes of the University to further the plans developed by the colleges and the goals and objectives set forth in this policy. (BTM,1993,06-28,005,_A)