Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE I ACADEMIC POLICY, PROGRAMS AND RESEARCH > Policy 1.14 Coursework Completed On Permit :
Policy 1.14 Coursework Completed On Permit
City University of New York students who successfully complete coursework at a the University college by means of an authorized permit shall receive full academic degree credit for such work by their home institution and the grade earned for such coursework shall appear on the student's academic transcript and be incl0uded in the calculation of the student's semester and overall grade point averages. This policy will apply to all earned grades as well as to administrative designations. (BTM,2004,02-23,004,_A)
The University has a long-standing practice of allowing students to take coursework on permit at the University colleges other than their home institution. the University's recently instituted e-Permit system will greatly facilitate the ability of students to obtain proper authorization and register for coursework not available at their home institution. As a result, students will be afforded more scheduling options, enabling them to remain in college and complete their degrees in a more timely fashion. They will be able to build upon the educational opportunities available at their home college by taking advantage of the rich array of academic coursework offered across the University. (BTM,2004,02-23,004,_A)
This policy ensures that coursework taken on permit will be recognized for degree credit (when taken to meet degree requirements) and that the grade earned for such coursework will be included in the calculation of the student's semester and overall grade point averages. In instances where a student's home college does not recognize plus or minus grades issued for a permit course by a host institution, the grade will be recorded on the student's transcript as a full letter grade (notice of this course of action will appear on all permit authorization forms). Also, where a home college has established a minimum grade requirement for a particular course, degree credit will not be granted for a course taken on permit unless the student has attained the required grade. (BTM,2004,02-23,004,_A)
As in the past, permit authorization remains in the hands of faculty advisors at a student's home college, as the home college registrar must first certify student eligibility, and then designated faculty must approve the permit request. The new e-Permit system maintains faculty prerogatives while making the process easier for students and allowing all tuition matters to be resolved at the student's home college. (BTM,2004,02-23,004,_A)