Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE I ACADEMIC POLICY, PROGRAMS AND RESEARCH > Policy 1.18 Grant and Contract Based Research :
Policy 1.18 Grant and Contract Based Research
The acceptance of a research grant shall be primarily determined by the promise it holds for advancing or synthesizing basic knowledge of significant phenomena through pure or applied research and by the prospect that the participants in the research will benefit through enhanced professional competence and learning. Possible commercial advantages or financial return to an individual, to the college, or to the agency making the grant, are not primary considerations. (BTM,1957,06-17,118,__)
Where contract research work is to be done on the campus, except in instances where in the judgment of the appropriate dean the use of college facilities is not substantial, the contract shall be negotiated by the contracting agency and the college. The costs for the project are expected to be financed by the contracting agency. Such costs shall include the cost for the use of college facilities and services, including overhead, the stipend—if any—to be paid the staff member for his or her research, and such other items as may enter into the cost of the project. (BTM,1957,06-17,118,__)
The purpose of contract research on any of the campuses shall not be purposefully or primarily directed toward the development of patentable products or processes. In the event that a staff member, in the course of a contract project, comes upon a patentable discovery—which discovery is obviously patentable in the best public interest—then such staff member, with the aid of the Board of Trustees, should apply for a patent. The Board of Trustees and the staff member cooperatively shall determine the extent to which the individual involved should participate in receiving remuneration for the patent or the extent to which research activities at the college should be supported through the application of income therefrom and whether there should be free access to the use of the patent. If the contract between the agency and the college contains provisions for the securing or disposition of a patent, and this contract is approved by the Board of Trustees, the terms of the contract will be binding on all parties concerned. (BTM,1957,06-17,118,__)
The presidents of the colleges, the Provost of the University Graduate School, and the Dean of Teacher Education, or their designees, are authorized on behalf of the Board of Trustees to execute all contracts for research, or to notify grantors of the acceptance of research grants. (BTM,1968,10-28,011,__)
The Research Foundation of the City University of New York has responsibility for administering all grants and contracts awarded to any unit in the University and is mandated to develop procedures that will ensure that its operations are fully responsive to the needs of the college. (BTM,1969,10-27,010,__)
Title to all property purchased by the Research Foundation with funds received under grants, awards or contracts, upon termination of the grant, award or contract, shall be transferred to and vested in the Board of Trustees on behalf of the college or University unit involved in the particular grant, award or contract, in accordance with rules promulgated by the Research Foundation, provided, however, that the Research Foundation shall retain responsibility for such property to the extent necessary to wind up the grant, award or contract, and effect any necessary physical delivery or transfer, and further provided that the terms of the grant, award or contract, and applicable rules and regulations shall control to the extent they may be inconsistent with the provisions of this policy. (BTM,1975,01-27,002,_C)