Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE I ACADEMIC POLICY, PROGRAMS AND RESEARCH > Policy 1.25 Research and Scholarship :
Policy 1.25 Research and Scholarship
The role of a university includes both the transmission of knowledge and the expansion of its frontiers, and the extent to which both of these roles are fulfilled, affects the reputation of the university and its ability to attract able faculty and students. (BTM,1979,12-17,004,_E)
For these roles to be fulfilled at their most advanced level, faculty and students engage in research or scholarship. (BTM,1979,12-17,004,_E)
A student associated with faculty and other students engaged in research or scholarship gains insight into the depths of a field of knowledge that is not available by other means, thus improving the education the student receives and generating an intellectual vitality among students and faculty. (BTM,1979,12-17,004,_E)
The Board of Trustees wishes at this time to reaffirm its commitment to the role of research and scholarship in the intellectual life of The City University of New York. (BTM,1979,12-17,004,_E)
Whenever a faculty member performs research in a setting other than the University, the University students, whenever possible, are to be involved. (BTM,1979,12-17,004,_E)