Manual of General Policy
Satisfactory progress toward a degree shall be defined as the satisfactory completion of:
a) At least one-half of the first four courses or twelve credits attempted
b) At least two-thirds of the second four courses or twelve credits attempted
c) At least three-quarters of the third four courses or twelve credits attempted
d) At least three-quarters of all courses attempted in any subsequent semester
Each student will be expected to maintain a grade point average of at least 1.50 for the first four courses, or twelve credits, attempted and at least a 1.75 grade point average for the first eight courses, or twenty-four credits, attempted. In each subsequent semester students will be expected to maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average.
The Chancellor is authorized to promulgate the minimal standards for satisfactory progress for full-time undergraduate students to be used for determining student eligibility for State financial assistance and not for general institutional use. Through the normal academic processes each college is to recommend to the Board of Trustees, with the approval of the Chancellor, its minimal academic standards for retention of full-time and part-time students. These standards are to be designed for general institutional use.
Students who fail to meet their college's retention standards or the conditions of an academic or other probation, are to be dropped from their college but may apply for readmission no sooner than one semester after their dismissal and will be subject to normal college admission decisions. The normal college processes dealing with student placement on academic probation, attendance probation, or other probation deemed advisable by the faculty are to be continued with the condition that approval of the appeal, for purposes of federal financial assistance requires:
• An evaluation of the feasibility of the student obtaining the requisite GPA for retention by the next semester or term, or;
• The establishment of an academic plan, to be monitored for multiple terms, if necessary to obtain the GPA required by the retention standard.
Students moving to the upper divisions of a four-year college either from the lower divisions of the college or from a community college within The City University of New York system or outside of it must provide evidence, in accordance with a standard to be determined by the Chancellor, that they have attained a level of proficiency in basic learning skills necessary to cope successfully with advanced work in the academic disciplines.
(Board of Trustees Minutes,1976,04-05,7,A. Amended: Board of Trustees Minutes,1981,03-23,5,C; Board of Trustees Minutes,2013,11-25,5,I)