Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE I ACADEMIC POLICY, PROGRAMS AND RESEARCH > Policy 1.30 Writing Across the Curriculum :
Policy 1.30 Writing Across the Curriculum
Each college shall intensify and expand its programmatic efforts to strengthen the teaching of writing in courses across the curriculum and such efforts shall ensure that quality writing skills are fostered in all disciplinary areas. (BTM,1999,01-25,005,_B)
Each college's commitment to Writing-Across-the-Curriculum requirements shall be supported by faculty development initiatives and by University initiatives, such as the University Writing Fellows Program, that will sponsor specially trained the University doctoral students who will assist in the delivery of intensive writing instruction. (BTM,1999,01-25,005,_B)
Periodically, each college shall provide the Chancellor's Office with a report detailing its implementation of these initiatives. (BTM,1999,01-25,005,_B)