Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE II BOARD OF TRUSTEES > Policy 2.04 Committees of the Board :
The following Standing Committees of the Board shall be established, with responsibilities as set forth below:
1. Committee on Academic Policy, Program, and Research:
This Committee will deal with academic policies, programs, and research, as well as the review of policies and procedures related to the research efforts of the University and the relationship and liaison with the Research Foundation of the University.
2. Committee on Faculty, Staff, and Administration:
This Committee will review the qualifications for appointment, promotion and tenuring of faculty members, including procedures for waiver of bylaws for academic personnel actions. It will examine future policy for the disposition of faculty and will cover faculty and staff relations and collective bargaining, legal matters, bylaw provisions relating to the administration of the University, the governance of the University and its units, disciplinary cases, waivers of bylaws for non-academic personnel actions, the review and monitoring of affirmative action plans and guidelines, the review of senior appointments at the colleges, all administrative procedures and policies related to the administrative operations of the University and its colleges.
3. Committee on Fiscal Affairs, Facilities and Contract Review:
This Committee will deal with the fiscal aspects of the University, its operating and .capital budgets, policies and procedures relating to all funds, their accounting, auditing and investment. This Committee will be responsible for the review of plans for construction, rental facilities, and security.
4. Committee on Student Affairs and Special Programs:
This Committee replaces the current Committee on Expanded Educational Opportunity, while continuing its functions of monitoring and reviewing the SEEK and College Discovery Programs, including the formulation of admissions and financial aid policies for such programs. The Committee will also be responsible for non-academic matters relating to students, including student activity fees, and admissions and financial aid policies for the University.
5. Committee on Public Affairs:
This Committee replaces the Committee on Public Policy and External Relations and is renamed Public Affairs to reflect its broader charge This Committee will continue to concentrate on issues of intergovernmental relations, public policy, press and media relations, including its responsibility for the conduct of the five annual borough hearings. The Committee will also be responsible for community, corporate, alumni and external relations.
6. Committee for Long-Range Planning:
This will continue as an ad hoc Committee serving as liaison for the Board for studies in the field of postsecondary education and with other institutions of or concerned with higher education In addition, the Committee will consider Master Plan and Master Plan amendments as well as all long-range planning documents and studies undertaken by the Board and the University.
(Board of Trustees Minutes,1980,08-04,18,b. Amended: Board of Trustees Minutes,1984,06-25,9,B)