Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE II BOARD OF TRUSTEES > Policy 2.07 Emeritus Trustees :
Policy 2.07 Emeritus Trustees
The Board of Trustees approves the following policy for the selection of trustees emeriti (BTM,1985,04-29,012,__):
1 Basis for Status
Trustee Emeritus status shall be conferred as a privilege upon those whom the Board of Trustees wishes to honor for their distinguished service to the University and shall remain in effect for the lifetime of the Trustee. (BTM,1985,04-29,012,__)
2 Selection
A Trustee, upon the termination of his or her service on the Board, who has served for a minimum of three years may be nominated by a committee to be designated by the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, and may be elected by the Board of Trustees as a Trustee Emeritus. He or she will be presented with a simple scroll at the time of such designation. (BTM,1985,04-29,012,__)
3 Responsibilities and Duties
A Trustee Emeritus shall have the privilege of attending all public meetings of the Board of Trustees and shall receive all Board of Trustees meeting notices and copies of the minutes of such meetings. A Trustee Emeritus, with his or her consent, may be a member of, but not Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of, any committee other than a nominating committee. He or she shall serve without a vote. (BTM,1985,04-29,012,__)
The Chairperson of any standing committee of the Board of Trustees may request a Trustee Emeritus to be present and participate in any meeting or generally in meetings of his or her committee, but without a vote. A Trustee Emeritus may also be asked to attend commencements and, at the discretion of the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, represent the Trustees at such events. (BTM,1985,04-29,012,__)
A questionnaire should be circulated periodically to determine whether or not a Trustee Emeritus should continue to receive notices and other information. (BTM,1985,04-29,012,__)