Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE II BOARD OF TRUSTEES > Policy 2.18 Statement regarding Tax Exempt Status :
Policy 2.18 Statement regarding Tax Exempt Status for Institutions of Higher Education Engaging in Discrimination
The City University of New York has long manifested its unyielding opposition to discrimination based on race, gender, creed or religious persuasion. (BTM,1982,01-25,006,XB)
The governing Board of Trustees of the University has frequently expressed its support of governmental, social, and educational efforts dedicated to the extirpation of bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. (BTM,1982,01-25,006,XB)
A recent decision by the federal government to stop denying tax exempt status to institutions of higher education that practice such discrimination, has called into question the federal government's intention to maintain an unqualified position of opposition to such discrimination. (BTM,1982,01-25,006,XB)
The University joins with many other individuals and organizations in voicing concern that the federal government continue to enforce the policy—supported by Republican and Democratic administrations during the past thirty years—of taking all legal measures available to ensure the civil rights of all Americans, and vigorously enforcing all laws enacted to that end. (BTM,1982,01-25,006,XB)