Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE III FISCAL AFFAIRS > Policy 3.04 Presidential Discretionary Funds :
Policy 3.04 Presidential Discretionary Funds
The following City University of New York policy on the use of discretionary funds is adopted. (BTM,1981,03-23,006,_X)
This policy shall apply to the use of funds that are derived from sources other than tax-levy appropriations or student fees, and are used for college or University purposes in accordance with this policy. Such funds shall be referred to as "discretionary funds." (BTM,1981,03-23,006,_X)
Discretionary funds may be used in support of educational, social, and cultural events and programs of the colleges, for hospitality extended to guests of the colleges, and attendance by members of the University community at receptions, dinners and other events outside of the college that are of significance to the college or University. For such outside events, discretionary funds may be used when the price of admission substantially represents the cost of the meal or reception or, if the price of admission involves a contribution beyond the cost of the occasion, the beneficiary of the event is a not-for-profit community, charitable, cultural, educational, or civic organization—"qualifying organization". To confirm this understanding, it is suggested that the college purchasing such tickets include a restrictive legend, indicating that if any contribution beyond the cost of event is involved, such funds are intended for the support of the community, charitable, civic and educational purposes of the beneficiary, and may not be applied to support any campaign for public office, or for any sectarian religious purpose. In the application of this policy, it is not intended to exclude otherwise appropriate interchanges involving philanthropic, cultural, and charitable activities of religious bodies and organizations, with the understanding that any incidental contributions involved are not to support the religious programs of such institutions, but rather to foster and improve community and inter-group relations. (BTM,1981,03-23,006,_X)
In authorizing the expenditure of discretionary funds under this policy, the college President shall have the responsibility of applying the standard of reasonable, appropriate and commensurate benefit to the college and University community. (BTM,1981,03-23,006,_X)
Discretionary funds may not be expended as contributions in support of the campaign of any candidate or political party in any campaign for public office. (BTM,1981,03-23,006,_X)
Payment of dues and fees to clubs that restrict their membership by race, creed or sex may not be made from discretionary funds. (BTM,1981,03-23,006,_X)
The use of discretionary funds must be in accordance with restrictions imposed by law, and the Bylaws and governing resolutions of the University. (BTM,1981,03-23,006,_X)