Manual of General Policy
Policy 4.04 Parking Facilities
The Board of Trustees of The City University of New York authorizes the Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance to promulgate guidelines in accordance with this policy. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
1 Governance
All college parking facilities that levy fees shall be managed and operated by the colleges' Auxiliary Enterprise Corporations in accordance with this policy. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
College vice presidents for finance and administration shall be responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy on parking facilities. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
2 Fees, Reporting, and Accountability
Parking operations shall be maintained through fees charged to the users. The use of tax-levy dollars in support of parking facilities must be requested and justified in writing to the University's Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
The revenues generated from the fees shall be managed by the Colleges' Auxiliary Enterprise Boards, deposited in a College Auxiliary Enterprise Board-controlled bank account, and used to pay the direct and indirect costs incurred in operating the parking facilities. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
A restricted reserve fund may be established for planned capital improvements and related future obligations for the parking operations. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
Parking fees may range up to $300 per annum in fiscal year 2002–2003 and up to $500 thereafter. Different fee rates for students, faculty, full-time staff, and part-time staff, are permitted within the range. Different fees may also be charged for reserved spots and spots in different locations. Exceptions to this range may be permitted only under extraordinary circumstances and subject to the approval of the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
A control process for charging, billing and collecting fees must be established so that funds are properly accounted for. Controls should include pre-numbered decals, reconciliation of fees collected to decals issued, safeguards for funds collected, the use of the Bursar's Office for deposits, and parking decals. To the extent possible, segregation of duties should exist concerning these fees inasmuch as it is an important control function. Any other fees charged (i.e., fines, duplicate parking decals, etc.) must also have effective controls established. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)
The parking operations will be reviewed yearly as part of the Board of Trustees mandated independent audit of the Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation. The audit report shall contain a separate schedule detailing the revenues and expenditures reported by the colleges' parking operations. A copy of the certified audit report will be provided on a yearly basis to the University's Office of Internal Audit. (BTM,2002,06-24,004,_A)