Manual of General Policy
RESOLVED, That it is the policy of The City University of New York that all security and safety services provided on college-owned or leased facilities shall be the responsibility of the college president
College responsibility for security and public safety applies to any building or property owned or controlled by the college and used by the college in direct support of, or related to its educational purposes, and any building or property owned or controlled by student organizations recognized by the college. This includes student union buildings and other entities that bear the name of the college.
All security or security related functions at events in college facilities, such as performances, speeches, conferences, meetings, classes, and other special events shall be managed by the college. No private security personnel, such as bodyguards or escorts acting in a security capacity, with the exception of security guards contracted for by the college, shall perform any campus security or security related functions. The use of armed private security guards is prohibited.
After consultation with the campus faculty and student constituencies, as well as the appropriate University offices, the colleges are to establish security and safety guidelines for persons or organizations appearing at campus events or using campus facilities consistent with this policy. Contracts for speakers or space rentals should contain conditions whereby events may be canceled or payments or deposits may be forfeited for failure to comply with college security policies and procedures. Additionally, any person or organization violating such an agreement may be denied future access to any CUNY campus or related facility in addition to any other applicable college or lawful sanctions.
This policy does not apply to federal, state, county or municipal sworn law enforcement officers or to foreign or international law enforcement personnel who are officially charged with the responsibility of providing security for particular individuals, or who are involved in a law enforcement capacity (e.g. crowd control), in conjunction with the security officers of the college.
This general policy clarifies and subsumes security policies contained in the Henderson Rules and the CUNY Manual of General Policy (Groups that do not comply with college or University security shall be denied access to college facilities) and the University Fiscal Handbook (There shall be no frisking or searches, except by sworn law enforcement officers). This policy, which applies to all facilities and events whether fees are paid to speakers or funded through student fees, is not intended to limit or abridge individual access to or attendance at college events.
In the event that private security is necessary and requires an exemption to this policy, such exceptions must be approved by the college president and the Chancellor, and reported to the Board of Trustees' Committee on Fiscal Affairs, Facilities, and Contract Review at the earliest practicable time.
(Board of Trustees Minutes,1994,03-21,4,K)