Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE V FACULTY, STAFF AND ADMINISTRATION > Policy 5.03 Admission and Retention Policy Formulation :
Policy 5.03 Admission and Retention Policy Formulation
The Board of Trustees of the City University of New York recognizes and affirms that the faculty shall be responsible for the formulation of policy relating to the admission and retention of students, including (BTM,1997,11-24,010,__):
a) Health and scholarship standards
b) Student attendance including leaves of absence
c) Curriculum
d) Awarding of college credit
e) Granting of degrees
This responsibility is to be exercised through the college faculty senates pursuant to the Board of Trustees Bylaws or college governance plans approved by the Board of Trustees, or the University Faculty Senate in accordance with the University Bylaws. Such policies will then be considered by the Board of Trustees or its appropriate committees in making policy decisions relating to educational matters. (BTM,1997,11-24,010,__)