Manual of General Policy
Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the following proposal for a Chancellor's Medal was approved with the provision that candidates be nominated by the Chancellor in consultation with the Chairman of the Board, and the Vice-Chairmen of the Board:
October 31, 1966
To: Members of the Committee of the City University of New York
From: Albert H. Bowker
Subject: Chancellor's Medal
It is proposed that there be established a Chancellor's Medal to be awarded to those who have distinguished themselves in such a manner as to merit recognition by, or to reflect credit upon, the City University of New York. The honor conferred by this medal would of course fall short of that connected with an honorary degree, but it would enable the City University to make public in an appropriate way its admiration and gratitude upon occasion.
Precedent exists in the award of presidential medals at three of our Senior Colleges.
1. City College has made such awards to the following, among others:
Jonas Salk
Robert Hofstadter) Nobel laureates, alumni
Arthur Kornberg )
Bernard Baruch
2. Hunter College has bestowed its presidential medal upon, among others:
Louis M. Rabinowitz
Evelyn Picker
Regina Resnick
Jacob Schlossberg
Samuel J. and Lois V. Silberman
3. Brooklyn College has made such awards to the following, among others:
Manfred Ohrenstein
John Hope Franklin
Abe Stark
4. Queens College is discussing the establishment of a president's medal, but has taken no action as yet.
(Board of Trustees Minutes,1966,11-28,10,c. Amended: Board of Trustees Minutes,1972,03-27,16)