Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE V FACULTY, STAFF AND ADMINISTRATION > Policy 5.10 Honorary Clinical Associate Title :
Policy 5.10 Honorary Clinical Associate Title
Colleges of the City University of New York with programs that have clinical components in affiliated health service or human service institutions shall be able to grant the title of Clinical Associate to those non-University personnel who aid in the coordination, instruction or supervision of the clinical component of the program. (BTM,1976,03-22,003,_B)
Where more than one college with the same program utilizes the same institution for clinical experience, the award of the Clinical Associate title shall be made jointly or severally by those colleges. (BTM,1976,03-22,003,_B)
Clinical Associate shall be an honorary non-faculty title without financial remuneration to be granted for a renewable period of one year. A person holding such title shall not be deemed thereby to be an employee of the Board of Trustees. (BTM,1976,03-22,003,_B)
Clinical Associates, in recognition of their service to the University, shall be listed in the college catalog and receive full library privileges. (BTM,1976,03-22,003,_B)