Manual of General Policy
Policy 1.19 Honorary Degrees
A decision that The City University of New York confer an honorary degree on its own behalf or on behalf of one of its colleges shall rest on a consideration of the candidate's distinguished contribution to higher education in general or to the University or one of its colleges in particular or upon a consideration of the fact that the candidate has reflected signal honor upon the University or one of its colleges. A proposal to confer an honorary degree must, in all instances, be approved by the Chancellor and by the Board of Trustees. (BTM,1982,02-22,007,_A)
The nomination of a candidate for an honorary degree on behalf of one of the colleges shall be forwarded to the Chancellor with the approval of the president of the college, provided that a majority affirmative vote to recommend the degree has been cast by the appropriate faculty body. The nomination of a candidate for a University Honorary Degree shall be forwarded to the Board of Trustees by the Chancellor. (BTM,1982,02-22,007,_A)
The Chancellor will convene a committee of faculty from the University community, representing various colleges as well as the University Faculty Senate. The Chancellor shall consult with this committee on nominations for University Honorary Degrees. The Chancellor, however, shall be solely responsible for determining the nominees and for making the final recommendations to the Board of Trustees. (BTM,1982,02-22,007,_A)