Manual of General Policy
Policy 5.151 Pre-Tenure Year Review Policy
In order to ensure that each tenure-track faculty member has adequate guidance on the progress he/she is making towards meeting the standards for tenure, the school, divisional or other appropriate dean or academic administrator designated by the President (hereinafter the "Dean") shall review each such faculty member at the end of his or her third year of service. (BTM,2011,02-28,005,_N)
The Dean shall review the personal personnel file of each untenured tenure-track faculty member in the spring of his/her third year of service, following the annual evaluation conducted pursuant to the PSC/CUNY collective bargaining agreement. Thereafter, the Dean shall meet with the chairperson of the faculty member's department to discuss the faculty member's progress. After that meeting, the Dean shall prepare a memorandum to the department chairperson regarding the faculty member's progress toward tenure and setting forth recommendations for any additional guidance to be provided to the faculty member. (BTM,2011,02-28,005,_N)
The Dean's memorandum shall be provided to the faculty member and discussed with him/her by the department chairperson and/or the Dean. Following the meeting, the Dean may, where appropriate, attach an addendum to the memorandum based on the Dean's participation in the meeting or the department chairperson's report of the meeting to the Dean. In accordance with the procedures set forth in the collective bargaining agreement between the University and the Professional Staff Congress, the faculty member shall be asked to initial the Dean's memorandum and addendum, if any, before it is placed in his/her file, and the faculty member shall have the right to include in his/her personnel file any comments he or she has concerning the Dean's memorandum. (BTM,2011,02-28,005,_N)
The appropriate body at each college may adopt implementation procedures that are consistent with this policy. Such procedures may provide, for example, whether the discussion of the Dean's memorandum with the faculty member will be conducted by the department chairperson, the Dean or both and whether the faculty member may have a choice in the matter. In addition, notwithstanding the provision as to the timing of the review set forth above, a college governance body may chose to provide for this review more than once prior to the year of tenure decision, in which case the review shall occur at appropriate intervals and not necessarily at the end of the third year. (BTM,2011,02-28,005,_N)