Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE V FACULTY, STAFF AND ADMINISTRATION > Policy 5.23 University Professor :
Policy 5.23 University Professor
The instructional staff title of University Professor is hereby established. (BTM,1978,11-20,007,__)
Appointment to such title shall not confer, nor shall be credited as service toward, the achievement of tenure in such position or any other position on the instructional staff. Appointment to the position of University Professor or removal therefrom, shall not deprive the person so appointed or removed of tenure in the highest position held with tenure prior to his or her appointment to University Professor or conjointly with such office. (BTM,1978,11-20,007,__)
1 Duties and Qualifications.
a) Duties: A person appointed as University Professor shall engage in teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level, research and scholarly activities, and special assignment as requested by the Chancellor. (BTM,1978,11-20,007,__)
b) Qualifications: To be eligible for consideration for appointment as University Professor, a person must have served as a president of a unit of The City University of New York or as its Chancellor for a period of at least eight years immediately preceding such appointment and be within ten years of mandatory retirement. (BTM,1978,11-20,007,__)
Notwithstanding the provisions of the Bylaws, the term of appointment shall be five years. Upon recommendation of the Chancellor, such person shall be eligible for one reappointment. (BTM,1978,11-20,007,__)