Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE VII STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS > Policy 7.03 Delinquent Accounts and Records :
Policy 7.03 Delinquent Accounts and Records
This policy applies to students who are (BTM,2002,11-18,008,_A):
a) Delinquent and/or in default in any of their financial accounts with (BTM,2002,11-18,008,_A):
(i) The City University of New York
(ii) A University college
(iii) An appropriate State or Federal agency for which the University acts as either a disbursing or certifying agent
b) Students who have not completed exit interviews as required by the (BTM,2002,11-18,008,_A):
(i) Federal Perkins Loan Program
(ii) Federal Family Education Loan Programs
(iii) William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program
(iv) Nursing Student Loan Program
Students who fall under this policy are not to be permitted to (BTM,2002,11-18,008,_A):
c) Complete a registration
d) Be issued (BTM,2002,11-18,008,_A):
(i) A copy of their grades
(ii) A transcript of academic record
(iii) A certificate or degree
e) Receive funds under the Federal campus-based student assistance programs or the Federal Pell Grant Program—unless the designated officer, in exceptional hardship cases and consistent with Federal and State regulations, waives in writing the application of this regulation