Manual of General Policy
Policy 7.05 Financial Aid and Support
1 Undergraduate Financial Aid
The City University of New York is committed to the principle that New York City's high school graduates should not be inhibited from seeking a higher education because they lack financial resources. As a means of fulfilling this commitment it is university policy to pursue aggressively all sources of state and federal funding that are available to provide financial aid to it students and to provide matching funds from its own resources to the fullest extent possible in order to maximize federal and state funding. (BTM,1969,09-29,011,__)
2 Graduate Tuition Waiver Fund
The Board of Trustees approved the establishment of a scholarship fund for each academic year for the benefit of needy graduate students out of income received from fees for various categories of students, principally graduate students. (BTM,1975,07-28,006,__)
The Board of Trustees determines, in principle, that if by using the City University needs formula for the nine-month academic year it is determined that a student desiring to register at the University does not have the financial resources to pursue graduate studies for which he or she is qualified, the University will provide a tuition grant or waiver adequate to enable him or her to register for graduate study, the total not in excess of the fund provided for such purpose. (BTM,1975,07-28,006,__)
The President of each college, including the University Graduate School and University Center, and the University Dean of Teacher Education, are granted authority to waive instructional and/or other fees levied on graduate students in instances other than those specifically authorized by Board of Trustees action. (BTM,1975,07-28,006,__)
The President of each individual unit of the University is required to report all fee waivers granted by him or her for each semester and session. (BTM,1975,07-28,006,__)
The distribution of waivers to students is to be made by the Graduate School and University Center and by the senior colleges in accordance with the allocations and guidelines established by the Chancellor. (BTM,1975,07-28,006,__)
The Graduate Tuition Waiver Fund is to be enhanced by additional funds for the benefit of needy foreign graduate students who do not have the financial resources to pursue graduate studies for which they are qualified. (BTM,1988,10-31,007,_A)