Manual of General Policy
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Policy 7.07 Intercollegiate Athletics
1 Academic Eligibility Criteria
Student athletes at the senior colleges must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in order to be in "good academic standing" in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Students may participate during their first semester.
It is the responsibility of The City University of New York to ensure that the educational and extracurricular programs of the University are operated in the best interests of students. These academic standards are considered essential for the personal well-being and academic progress of students who take on the additional responsibility of student athletics. These standards are consistent with the University's requirements for student leadership positions. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) allows individual institutions to interpret "good academic standing."
2 Athletic Conference
City University of New York Athletic Conference is formally established to promote the establishment, maintenance, and implementation of the highest standards of competition, interest, integrity, and efficiency in the administration of intercollegiate athletic activities within the eight member senior colleges and the five member community colleges of the City University. (BTM,1986,03-24,006,_B)
The Athletic Conference will have a board consisting of the athletic directors of the member colleges. The Athletic Conference Board, subject to and consistent with the policies of the Board of Trustees on Intercollegiate Athletics will enact rules and regulations to achieve its purposes, and to provide procedures for enforcement and discipline for violations thereof. (BTM,1986,03-24,006,_B)
The Conference will have two divisions; one for the senior colleges, and one for the community colleges. The senior colleges will be affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Division III, and the community colleges will be affiliated with the appropriate regional section of the National Junior College Athletic Association. (BTM,1986,03-24,006,_B)
University colleges may join the Conference upon membership application. (BTM,1986,03-24,006,_B)
Sports may be added or deleted by vote of the Conference Board. The Conference will conduct championships tournaments and/or recognize championships in each sport. (BTM,1986,03-24,006,_B)
The Conference will be administered by a University Athletic Conference Director selected by the Conference Board with the approval of the Council of Presidents Subcommittee on Student Affairs and Special Programs. The Athletic Conference Director will report to the Vice Chancellor for Student Development. A Conference Advisory Committee composed of one senior college president, one community college president, one representative of the University Faculty Senate, one representative of the University Student Senate, one representative of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Development, and the Athletic Conference Director, will meet periodically to provide general advice and counsel to the Conference. (BTM,1986,03-24,006,_B)