Manual of General Policy
Policy 7.13 Salk Scholarships
1 Eligibility
Undergraduates and graduates of the colleges of The City University of New York who have received an acceptance for admission in September 1968 or thereafter to an American Medical School as candidates for the MD, the Ph.D. or D.Sc. degree shall be eligible for a Salk Scholarship with stipend or an honorary Salk Scholarship without stipend. (BTM,1971,12-20,002,__)
2 Qualifications
The awards shall be made by the Board of Trustees on the basis of high ability and scholarship, sound character and interest in research, and an indication of originality, and on recommendation to be made by the appropriate faculty agency and the President of each college. (BTM,1971,12-20,002,__)
3 Allocation
The allocation of Salk Scholarships to each of the colleges of the University shall be determined yearly by the Chancellor in consultation with the Presidents of the colleges. There shall be no more than eight scholarships with stipend and eight honorary Salk Scholarships without stipend awarded each year. (BTM,1971,12-20,002,__)
4 Payments
Four annual payments of $1,500 a year per student for four years shall be made on behalf of each winner of a Salk Scholarship with stipend. Each payment shall be paid to the fiscal officer of the medical school to which the candidate has been admitted. If the Scholarship winner resigns or withdraws for any reason from medical school or is placed on probation, no further payments on behalf of such candidates shall be made. (BTM,1971,12-20,002,__)