Manual of General Policy
ARTICLE VIII UNIVERSITY RELATIONS > Policy 8.01 Archival Program :
Policy 8.01 Archival Program
The Board of Trustees of The City University of New York recognizes the importance of maintaining those records that document the history, mission and operation of each of its constituent colleges and of the Central Office. (BTM,1985,06-24,005,_C)
Therefore, the University calls for the establishment of an archival program at each of its constituent colleges as well as at the Central Office in order to promote the collection, preservation, inventory and access to such records. (BTM,1985,06-24,005,_C)
The President of each constituent College shall designate some person to serve as archivist at his or her pleasure and that such designee shall have the authority to inspect, and inventory all non-current records (usually those more than five to ten years old) generated by the College. (BTM,1985,06-24,005,_C)