1[60] Admissions records, including but not limited to application, entrance examinations and reports, letters of recommendation, transcripts from secondary schools and other colleges and universities, acceptance letters, advanced placement records, evaluations, and supporting documentation

a. For applicants who are accepted and attend

RETENTION: 6 years after graduation or date of last attendance

NOTE: If admission records for students who are accepted and attend are made part of student records, these records are covered by item no. 1 [121] in the Students section. Duplicate copies retained by a separate admissions office can be disposed of when no longer needed.

b. For applicants who are accepted and do not attend, and applicants who are not accepted

RETENTION: 2 years after date of exclusion or end of permitted enrollment period for accepted applicants

NOTE: Colleges or the University may wish to keep these records longer for international students, for convenience of access by both college personnel and the prospective or accepted students.