NOTE: See also the Alumni section in this Schedule.

1[78] Donor (and prospective donor) information records containing information on individuals, organizations, foundations, or corporations

RETENTION: 0 after no longer needed

NOTE: Detailed records of specific gifts to a college or the University are covered by item no. 2 [283] in this section.

2[283] Record of gifts and bequests to a college or the University, including copy of will, copies of deeds, maps and surveys (if applicable), and records of establishment of and use of monies generated by trust fund or endowment

a. When trust fund or endowment is involved


b. For gift of work of art, historical or other artifact, or historical manuscript


c. For gift or bequest not covered under parts “a” or “b”, or by note above

RETENTION: 6 years

NOTE: This item does not apply to donations of real property (see item no. 1 [412] in the Public Property and Equipment section).

3[64] Alumni association or foundation file containing records concerning the association’s or foundation’s relation with a college or the University

a. Agreement or memorandum of understanding between the college or the University and a separately incorporated alumni association or foundation

RETENTION: 6 years after expiration or termination

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition. Records with historical value should be retained permanently.

b. Significant correspondence or records relating to decision-making or policy


c. Routine correspondence and related materials

RETENTION: 0 after no longer needed