1[84] Student financial aid records, including but not limited to Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) reports, applications for assistance and related eligibility determination records, financial aid disbursement records, copies of income tax forms, financial aid transcripts from other schools, award and declination notices, verifications for non-taxable income and other tax-related records, instructor requests for work-study student, student work-study job descriptions, copies of work-study time records to verify hours with student schedule, and veteran’s service information

RETENTION: 6 years after graduation, date of last attendance, or financial accounting, whichever is longer

2[887] Financial aid reports (state, federal, and other) covering multiple students, including but not limited to Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) reports

RETENTION: 6 years

NOTE: Appraise these records for continuing administrative or historical value prior to disposition. Records with historical value should be retained permanently. Reports containing information showing trends in student financial aid over time may be valuable for planning and other decision-making as well as research purposes.

3[CU2] Student bankruptcy records, including but not limited to pleadings and correspondence with court, receiver, student, or creditors’ committee

RETENTION: 6 years after case closed

4[CU3] Student loan repayment records

RETENTION: 6 academic years after loan is repaid, fully canceled, or assigned to U.S. Department of Education