1[105] Course listing created for administrative convenience, containing department list of classes

RETENTION: 0 after superseded or obsolete

2[106] Instructor’s course syllabus or lesson plan

RETENTION: 0 after no longer needed by college or University

NOTE: Colleges and the University may want to retain representative or outstanding course syllabi for future reference, as well as any useful class reading lists or bibliographies.

3[107] Instructor’s grade records, test scores, and marking sheets, including records documenting the evaluation of scientific models, biological specimens, chemical compounds, or other objects or materials produced in lab or shop settings

RETENTION: 2 years

4[108] List of students majoring in a field of study

RETENTION: 0 after superseded or obsolete

5[109] Class schedule, including class title, location, dates, and time of meeting

RETENTION: 6 years

6[110] Examination questions, completed examination papers and answer sheets, and term papers

RETENTION: 1 year after course completed

NOTE: For test papers and answer sheets for non-credit and continuing education courses, see item no. 2 [895] in the Students section.

7[888] Course or laboratory attendance records necessary to provide documentation for student financial aid or other purposes

RETENTION: 6 years

8[112] Records relating to tax-free use of alcohol for educational purposes

RETENTION: 6 years after expiration of permit or denial of application

9[113] Evaluations of course instructor, including but not limited to teaching observation reports and annual evaluations

a. Evaluations by students

RETENTION: 3 years

b. Evaluations by individuals other than students

RETENTION: 6 years after termination of instructor’s employment

10[114] Radiation use log, including student name, date, film size, quantity, screen, and length of time in laboratory

RETENTION: 4 years after graduation or date of last attendance

11[115] Records of hypodermic syringes and needles acquired for educational use or for administration of vaccines and other controlled substances to students and/or employees

a. Certificate of need for educational use

RETENTION: 6 years after certificate expires

b. Other records, including records of purchase, inventory, destruction, loss, or theft

RETENTION: 6 years