1[496] Purchase order, purchase requisition, or similar record used to obtain materials, supplies, or services

RETENTION: 6 years

2[498] Purchasing file, including but not limited to bid (successful or unsuccessful), contract, specifications, and related records for purchase of materials, supplies, and services not connected with capital construction

RETENTION: 6 years after completion of purchase, or 6 years after final payment under contract, whichever is longer

NOTE: For capital construction, see item no. 4 [415] in the Public Property and Equipment section. Colleges and the University may want to retain records documenting purchases for additional periods if those records may be needed for warranty claims concerning the purchased items.

3[499] Vendor file, including but not limited to list of vendors doing business with a college or the University, vendor evaluation forms, price lists, or other information received from vendors

RETENTION: 0 after superseded or obsolete

4[500] Performance guarantee or written warranty for products, or similar record

RETENTION: 6 years after expiration

5[501] Invoice, packing slip, shipping ticket, copy of bill of lading, or similar record used to verify delivery and/or receipt of materials or supplies

RETENTION: 6 years

6[502] Invoice register, or similar record used to list invoices

RETENTION: 6 years after last entry

7[504] List or abstract of purchase orders, claims, or contracts

RETENTION: 6 years

8[505] Standing order file, used for purchase of materials and supplies that are received on a regular basis

RETENTION: 6 years

9[724] Chargeback records, showing specific fund to be charged for in-house expenditure

RETENTION: 6 years

10[905] Canceled bids file, including purchase requisitions, vendor solicitations, requests for proposals (RFPs), price quotations, and related records concerning bids for goods or services that were canceled without a purchase being completed

RETENTION: 1 year after subsequent procurement of same goods or services completed under a re-initiated procurement, or 1 year after decision not to purchase such goods or services

11[282] Minority- and women-owned business files, covering minority- and women-owned businesses doing business with a college or the University

a. Summary record listing businesses, eligibility criteria, and official college or University policy statement


b. Detailed application/questionnaire/response completed by business

RETENTION: 5 years after last entry

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition. If the college or the University uses its own rather than statewide criteria for approving these businesses, then these records may document minority- and women-owned businesses operating in the community.

c. Directory of state-approved minority- and women-owned businesses, supplied by State Department of Economic Development

RETENTION: 0 after superseded or obsolete

d. Other records, including job quotes, bid lists, referrals, credit and character references and affidavits, but not including summary record, detailed application/questionnaire/response, eligibility criteria, official college or University policy statement, and state-supplied directory of businesses

RETENTION: 6 years after contract expiration

12[733] Financial or political interest disclosure records filed by vendor or contractor doing business with a college or the University

RETENTION: 6 years